Sunshine and Pools and BBQs, Oh My! Summer Pet Safety

Summer pet safety keeps pets happy and healthyThe summer season is upon us, and with it comes the lazy, fun-filled days we look forward to all year. But summer fun can quickly turn into danger for your pet. That’s why the team at Advantage Veterinary Center wants to share some tips for summer pet safety.

Summer Pet Safety

It’s important to always be aware of your pet’s comfort and activity level. You know your pet best, so if something seems wrong, don’t ever hesitate to call us. Here are some other summer pet safety tips: Continue…

What do You Know About Canine Parvovirus?

Parvovirus is a serious threat to your dog's health.Parvovirus affects all species of mammals, and although symptoms are similar across the board, they are species specific. Consequently, feline parvovirus is as unique to cats as canine parvovirus is to dogs.

Canine parvovirus is shed via infected stool or vomit and can survive for a year or more in contaminated areas. Not only highly contagious, canine parvovirus can be deadly. Though typically found in puppies, adult dogs can also contract parvovirus if left unvaccinated and those with weaker immune systems can have a much harder time recovering from the virus.

This illness is expensive to treat and ravages a dog’s body – symptoms often include severe vomiting and diarrhea. Some find that there is a distinct metallic smell to feces infected with parvovirus. If left untreated, parvo cases can escalate quickly and dehydrate the dog to the point of no return. Best news of all? Parvovirus, in most cases, can be prevented with standard vaccinations and vigilant owner awareness. Continue…

Treading Dangerous Water: Waterborne Diseases in Pets

Waterborne diseases in pets can threaten pet healthMost dogs enjoy a good romp in the nearest lake, stream, mud puddle or gutter-runoff. While this is a fun activity to entertain your furry friend, it is important to recognize that water can harbor some hazards for animals. There are several waterborne diseases in pets that your veterinarians at Advantage Veterinary Center want to be sure that you are aware of, so that you can tread water safely with your four-legged companion.

Water-loving Parasites

Several parasites that affect our pet patients are fond of calling waterlogged spaces home. Perhaps the most notable of these parasites is Giardia, a single-celled protozoal organism that thrives in stagnant water. Giardia is also a zoonotic disease, which means that your human & feline family can also pick this up from your pet – leading to stomach cramping and often severe diarrhea. Continue…