Pet Poisoning Dangers Lurk Where You Least Expect Them 

We all know that pets will get into pretty much everything, and “pet proofing” our homes is a must when it comes to preventing accidental pet poisonings.

Making sure leftover food is put away, the garbage can is closed, and antifreeze spills are cleaned up are no-brainers, but securing the contents of the medicine cabinet probably doesn’t top the list. But it should.

March 15 marks the beginning of National Poison Prevention Week, and your Advantage Veterinary Center family would like to take this opportunity to discuss the very real dangers to your pet that lurk in your bathroom, purse, coats, and backpacks.


Hide the Chocolate, Prevent a Pet Poisoning

Chocolate toxicity can occur at any time, but pets may really find themselves in trouble this time of year. Even a small amount of chocolate disguised in a brightly-colored foil wrapper can pose a significant threat to your pet’s health. Your best defense is to simply remove the opportunity, but, unfortunately, a pet poisoning can happen when you least expect it.


Protect and Prevent: All About Common Pet Toxins

Pet toxins threaten pet health and pet safety

It may be hard to imagine your sweet pet coming into contact with a potential pet toxin, but this scary situation happens more often than pet owners realize. Although mostly preventable, ingestion of a poisonous substance is the leading cause of pet emergencies in veterinary clinics throughout the country.

It’s true that accidents happen, but in many cases, they can be avoided. Recognizing common pet toxins, and reducing or eliminating your pet’s exposure to them, is critical in keeping your furry loved one safe.

Common Pet Toxins in and Outside the Home

Protecting your pet from an accidental poisoning is as easy as putting any potential pet toxins out of reach. Take a discerning look around your home, garage, and yard, and remove or safely store any of the following common pet toxins: Continue…

Better Safe Than Sorry: A Jumpstart on Holiday Pet Safety

There are two general types of people: those who wait all year for the holidays and those who simply can’t be bothered by all the hype. Wherever you fall, be sure your pet is safe from potential risk. Indeed, it’s hard to imagine anything bad happening as a result of festive decor, delicious food, or fun parties, but your pet’s safety could be in the crosshairs. With our holiday pet safety measures, you can still enjoy the season – and so can your four-legged best friend.

The Most Common Culprits

Sadly, we see a spike in pet emergencies in the weeks leading up to the jolliest times of year. Most are due to inflammation, gastrointestinal blockages (decorations, tinsel, tape, ribbon, etc.), and pancreatitis. The most common dangers include: Continue…