Pet Poisoning Dangers Lurk Where You Least Expect Them 

We all know that pets will get into pretty much everything, and “pet proofing” our homes is a must when it comes to preventing accidental pet poisonings.

Making sure leftover food is put away, the garbage can is closed, and antifreeze spills are cleaned up are no-brainers, but securing the contents of the medicine cabinet probably doesn’t top the list. But it should.

March 15 marks the beginning of National Poison Prevention Week, and your Advantage Veterinary Center family would like to take this opportunity to discuss the very real dangers to your pet that lurk in your bathroom, purse, coats, and backpacks.


Sound the Siren: Recognizing a True Pet Emergency

A pet emergency should be tended to by an emergency veterinarianIn all areas of life, it’s extremely alarming when we don’t know what to do. Sure, we can all try to be experts in car care, agriculture, appliance repair, or construction, but it’s more common to depend on those with specialized education and experience to help.

Take veterinary care as an example. Pet owners know their pets better than anyone, but sometimes, it’s confusing to know exactly what’s going on with your pet. When do you “wait it out” and when is it time to seek out pet emergency care? Continue…