Why Home Pet Dental Care Is So Important 

Many pet owners think doggy or kitty breath is normal, but in fact it’s an early hallmark of periodontal disease. Once you notice your pet’s bad breath, dental disease is likely a foregone conclusion. The good news is that this condition is entirely preventable!

At Advantage Veterinary Center we’ve seen over and over again how a professional dental care program as well as at home pet dental care can benefit every dog and cat!

The Problem With Pet Dental Disease

Unfortunately, by the time pets reach 3 years of age, over 85% of them already have some form of dental disease. Genetics play a role in dental disease, but it’s also the result of a persistent lack of dental care, including regular brushing. 


Healthy Bites: Pet Dental Care Decoded

Pet dental care supports pet health and pet wellness.Can you imagine never brushing your teeth or visiting the dentist for a cleaning and checkup? Unfortunately, this is a common scenario for many pets, and as a result, the vast majority suffer from some form of dental disease.

Pet dental care may seem like an unnecessary expense, but fixing damage related to neglect can be more expensive and have serious repercussions to your pet’s health. Daily care at home is important in preventing the tartar buildup and decay that plagues many pets. Along with at-home care, pet dental exams should also be included, which is an essential component of veterinary wellness care. Continue…