Treading Dangerous Water: Waterborne Diseases in Pets

Waterborne diseases in pets can threaten pet healthMost dogs enjoy a good romp in the nearest lake, stream, mud puddle or gutter-runoff. While this is a fun activity to entertain your furry friend, it is important to recognize that water can harbor some hazards for animals. There are several waterborne diseases in pets that your veterinarians at Advantage Veterinary Center want to be sure that you are aware of, so that you can tread water safely with your four-legged companion.

Water-loving Parasites

Several parasites that affect our pet patients are fond of calling waterlogged spaces home. Perhaps the most notable of these parasites is Giardia, a single-celled protozoal organism that thrives in stagnant water. Giardia is also a zoonotic disease, which means that your human & feline family can also pick this up from your pet – leading to stomach cramping and often severe diarrhea. Continue…