Parasite Prevention: An Important Component of Wellness Care

Parasite prevention is key to pet wellness care.Ticks, fleas, mosquitoes… There are few pet parents who aren’t worried about these disease-carrying (and annoying) pests. Yet, each year, many of us elect to forego important prevention medications in lieu of chance. Even more upsetting is the number of cases of otherwise preventable illnesses that are diagnosed in pets.  

This year alone, your friends at Advantage Veterinary Center have already diagnosed eight cases of heartworm disease. We want to bring to mind how essential parasite prevention is and the risks pet owners take when ignoring this simple and effective form of protection.

What’s the Big Deal About Parasites?

Parasites, although a pesky problem, carry a wide array of illnesses, some of which can be transmitted to human family members. Aside from their ability to create a hard-to-remedy and itchy infestation (as in the case of fleas), they’re also responsible for serious diseases, such as: Continue…